Confidence… Lost in Seconds, Gained in Months

As most of you know, earlier this year I had a slight mishap on my mountain bike while riding up in the Peak District at Lady Cannings. Which may have resulted in me losing half of my face and breaking my wrist. Oops. Ever since taking the time out to recover properly, which took was... Continue Reading →


The Weekend Ride: Gedling

Although I'd planned on riding this Saturday, this ride was definitely a spur of the moment ride. Mainly because I was writing some of the upcoming blog posts and kept looking out of the window. Granted, the ground was a little wet but the sun was shining and I'm not sure if it was because... Continue Reading →

The People You Meet

I've met quite a few people within a cycling related capacity but this one has stuck with me and still makes me smile to this day. I was out and about, enjoying a cool, crisp autumn ride. I'd wrapped up nice and warm, possibly a bit too warm. By the time I'd gotten up the... Continue Reading →

A Break From Everything

This blog post begins with an apology. My last post was all about coming back from a break with the hope that I could get back to riding and writing. Unfortunately, it didn't quite go as planned. However, there is a very good reason. At the beginning of the month, I married my best friend and... Continue Reading →

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